Email Is The Leading Tool In Identity Management: Study

Email is not only a key marketing channel -- it is also the most important tool in obtaining application permissions and entitlements within companies, judging by the Identity Management Survey, a study by Gradient Flow, sponsored by ClearSkye. 

Of the firms polled, 50% use email to govern access and permissions, with 54% of IT staff saying they do so, and 44% in non-IT job functions following suit. 

Second on this list -- and utilized by 47% overall -- are ITSM/Workforce management platforms. 

In addition, email is used for permissions at 44% of large companies, 47% of medium-sized ones and 57% of small businesses.

In contrast, ITSM/Workforce management platforms are used by 55% of large entities, 51% of medium-sized outfits and 38% of small firms. 

The smaller firms surveyed are more likely to use Google’s platform and tools, while larger firms cite Microsoft 365 at a higher rate. 

Of respondents at large companies, 35% says their firm uses ServiceNow. In addition, 28% in IT uses more than 10 SaaS or on-premise application each week, versus 20 in non-IT roles. 

Overall, two-thirds use AI and machine learning to improve identity management. 

Gradient Flow surveyed 514 respondents in February/March 2022. Of those, 62% hold job functions in Information Technology and 25% work in the Computer Software industry. 

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  1. Don Rua from Admiral, March 7, 2024 at 12:20 p.m.

    Not only is email commonly used for access and permissions, but with the growth of Hashed Emails, (HEMs), it can provide value for targeting and visitor ID. Email capture isn't just for newsletter purposes anymore but is key for every visitor, and every ad/rev ops leader.


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