Foria's 'More People Masturbate than _' Campaign

Foria the health and sexual wellness company, is launching with a new ad campaign titled ‘More people masturbate than __’ created by ad agency TDA Boulder. The campaign is timed to Masturbation Month, which is May.

The social campaign aims to destigmatize self-pleasure and normalize masturbation with some simple facts: more people masturbate than do yoga; more people masturbate than run; and more people masturbate than read. 

“We’re using Masturbation May to smash taboos and celebrate masturbation and pleasure,” stated Jonathan Schoenberg, ECD & Partner, TDA Boulder. “88% of all Americans masturbate, but more than half of those surveyed were uncomfortable openly discussing it, which is a shame. It’s normal, it’s healthy and it’s fun. Just like yoga or running. We’re hoping people see that and feel good about turning to Foria as the ultimate tool for self-exploration.”

The ads will be featured in Social across Instagram + Facebook + Twitter.



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