Brand X Rebrands As Fazer, Focuses On Early-Stage Growth Companies

Brand X, a brand strategy and identity agency, has rebranded as Fazer.

Founded in 2017 by industry veteran Todd Irwin, it offers brand strategy and marketing services to venture-backed growth and mid- to enterprise-sized companies.

“Our methodology is focused on a strategy called de-positioning, which highlights a brand’s strength that just happens to be a core competitor's weakness, Irwin told Agency Daily. “In our experience, it’s the most effective way to position a brand in a market."

Fazer’s client focus is mainly VC-backed, early-stage growth companies, such as Dataset, Questis, Storyful and Optis. It develops a strategic branding methodology that helps companies transform their brands to amplify performance, aided by deep market research.



The agency is designed to align business and brand strategy, thereby creating vehicles for exponential growth.

In a competitive marketplace, “brands must communicate clearly and reflect the rules of modern identity and visual design. Customers recognize the difference,” said Irwin, who previously held the post of Chief Creative Officer for TOMORRO\\\, founded by Jon Bond, and WANT Branding.

Shawn Miller, CEO of Archwest Capital, said the agency “helped us rally around a singular brand vision and designed a look and feel that gave us the competitive confidence we need.”

What’s the meaning behind Fazer?

"To faze is to shake something up, and that’s exactly what we intend to do," said Irwin.

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