New Agency Joia Paris Promises One-Shot Campaigns

French agency Rosa Paris has a new entity and purpose.

Joia Paris will create campaigns in a two-week period. The goal is quick turnarounds, not long-term commitments.

Joia Paris targets companies in the process of rebranding. These novel one-shot campaigns, called Quick&Strike, delivers two campaign ideas. The multidisciplinary strategic team is led by a Rosa Paris executive and a select group that meets with the client on-site.

Here's the twist: No pitches. No prolonged financial arrangements. This is in-and-out advertising, with an emphasis on entertaining creative. For clients needing a quick solution, the model delivers speed and efficiency.

Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Jean-François Sacco and Gilles Fichteberg, thethree co-founders of Rosa Paris, call it “instinctive advertising.



“It's a new win-win operating mode: We think fast, we find fast, we choose fast, we impact fast. And we see right away if it works. Customers want solutions that make their lives easier,” they said.

Early clients have been pleased.

Emmanuel Werba, co-founder of Transmissio, said: "We’re a start-up. We didn't want a classic format where you go through a pitch competition, brief an agency, they work in a room for a month, and we take another three to produce the campaign. With the Joia method, everyone was a winner … in two months we briefed, designed, produced and broadcast our first campaign."

Havas-owned Rosa Paris rebranded from Rosapark last year. Its client work has included Nestle, Bayer and Unilever.


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