Apple Joins List Of BIMI Supporters

BIMI ((Brand Indicators for Message Identification)) has picked up another major email service provider: Apple. 

Apple Mail will support BIMI with the next model of iOS, the company announced at its developer conference, sources say. This release reportedly will occur in September. 

Apple thus joins Yahoo, Gmail and Fastmail and a host of email support companies like Valimail, Validity, Mailchimp, Proofpoint, and Twilio SendGrid. Gmail rolled out BIMI in all of its inboxes last summer. 

BIMI allows brands to place their logos into subject lines of authenticated emails. Senders must have DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Confirmation) protection in place.  

BIMI now has a few thousand users, according to Seth Blank, chairman of the AuthIndicators Working Group that developed BIMI, and chief technology officer of Valimail. Litmus reported in a study that 15% of companies utilize it. 



Sources say BIMI might see greater adoption in light of new privacy laws and Apple’s own Mail Privacy Protection. And observers are happy about Apple's move.  

"I applaud Apple for adopting the BIMI standard--this will further drive adoption of critical security technologies like DMARC while also improving the experience for brands and customers in the world's largest mail clients," Blank says. 

Blank adds, "Apple is essential to the ecosystem--where a significant portion of email users read their email every day. Adopting BIMI shows Apple's continued commitment to security and excellent user experiences. I can't wait for iOS 16 in the fall, and for more users than ever before to get BIMI logos in their inbox."


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