One-Stop Shopping Offered At B2B Retail Solutions Marketplace

A B2B retail solutions marketplace was launched on Friday. 

The new marketplace, Plum, features over 50 retail solutions from third-party providers.

At launch, the marketplace lists tools in six categories: retail auditing, merchandising, product trial, insights, ecommerce, and marketing. 

Professionals can purchase solutions, manage projects, and view results on Plum, the company says. 

"Traditionally, retail solutions have made companies jump through too many hoops,” states Plum CEO and Co-Founder, Rick West. “If cars can be purchased online with just a few clicks, why not retail solutions?"

At the start, the Plum lineup includes such offerings as:

  • Aisle 9--Brand and product photography
  • Customer Impact—Third-party retail merchandising services
  • Observa - Third-party retail merchandising services
  • Retevo - On-shelf intelligence and analytics
  • Webata - Intelligence and performance analytics for Walmart suppliers
  • Field Agent - Location-specific auditing, trial and reviews



West adds, "Amazon has trained shoppers to prefer self-education and self-service to sales presentations, even for large or complex purchases. We're focused on becoming the one-stop shop for everything companies need to win at retail.”

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