DirecTV Makes Addressable Available Through Yahoo

DirecTV is making Yahoo the exclusive demand-side platform (DSP) for programmatic buys of its addressable TV inventory.

DirecTV is tapping into Yahoo’s supply-side platform (SSP), making its addressable inventory available to premium demand across the Yahoo Exchange.

DirecTV joins Dish Media and Fios in tackling addressable’s fragmentation to help ad buyers maximize reach and efficiency by simplifying and scaling its availability through omnichannel, programmatic platforms.

With all three distributors now having deals with Yahoo, buyers can reach up to a collective 25 million addressable TV households, combined with Yahoo’s reach of over 80 million CTV households, and receive data across linear and connected TV campaigns through a single platform.

The DirecTV partnership will help Yahoo optimize monetization by expanding its position as the only omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) to offer live, addressable TV inventory programmatically, according to the companies.

DirecTV advertising inventory will be available in the Yahoo DSP in time for Q4 2022 campaigns.

Yahoo’s DSP reaches consumers and provides access to advertising data sets across mobile, desktop, video, native, DOOH and audio, as well as addressable and CTV.

"Working with Yahoo enables us to meet our customers where they are and deliver these solutions in a way that better aligns with advertisers’ omnichannel strategies while reducing friction in the process," said Amy Leifer, DirecTV chief advertising sales officer, in a statement.

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