Stylitics And Wunderkind Partner On Triggered Merchandise Emails

Retailers will be able to show outfits and merchandise bundles in emails based on items viewed or added to carts, thanks to a partnership between Stylitics and Wunderkind, the companies say.  

Stylitics brings a AI-driven outfitting and styling platform to the table, Wunderkind contributes  identification technology, they add.

The goal is to bring “helpful and inspiring styling ideas into shoppers’ inboxes to give them that extra boost of confidence and guidance,” says Rohan Deuskar, founder and CEO of Stylitics.

It starts when Wunderkind recognizes a visitor as a mailable user, the shopper views an item and abandons the site. 

Wunderkind sends a triggered email, adding relevant items and styling ideas created by Stylitics, often via the brand’s email service provider. 

“When customers see items paired together they already showed interest in, they feel like the brand is speaking directly to them, which can increase engagement and revenue," says Michael Osborne, president of Wunderkind. 

Several mutual customers are making use of the integration, including Ben Sherman, a Marquee Brands direct-to-consumer brand.




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