Alabama Tourism Compares State To 'Mind Trip'

The Alabama Tourism Department wants travelers to slow down, relax and savor all the state has to offer. 

Creative from Intermark Group features a hypnotherapist suggesting to clients that they imagine themselves to be on an Alabama beach or hiking on a trail in the state. When the doctor tries to gently bring them back from the journey, the clients are aware enough to tell him that they don’t want to come back. 

The work—which includes video, animated banners and a website—ranges from 15 seconds to three minutes. The landing page features long-form videos of the hypnotherapist speaking directly to viewers and inviting them to imagine taking a “Mind Trip” from the couch.



“Welcome to this guided hypnotic trip to the sugar-white sands of the Alabama Gulf Coast,” the guide begins

Throughout the meditative journey, a calm tone, stunning photography, and descriptive language help create a deep, relaxing sensory experience that’s designed to be a respite from a world full of stress. An alternate execution whisks subjects away to experience an Alabama hiking experience at the Little River Canyon.

The campaign is a good example of the tourism department’s willingness to support unconventional creative, says Keith Otter, Intermark’s chief creative officer.

“Studies show the emotional and physiological benefits of taking vacations drop immediately afterward unless travelers return very relaxed,” Otter says. “We wanted to underscore the relaxing experiences that are possible with an Alabama vacation."

For paid media, short-form videos feature tongue-in-cheek hypnotherapy sessions. Each spot ends with a suggestion to “Take your mind to Sweet Home Alabama” along with the campaign URL.

The paid portion of the campaign is running on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, and programmatic online.

Consumers are being targeted in states including Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana,  Mississippi, , Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois and Ohio. 

It will also run across the Alabama Tourism Department’s social channels and email. 

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