Zulily Turns Inflation Into A Discount Code


Zulilly knows that as much as its mom-fans love a sweet back-to-school outfit, they’re also worried about inflation. So the Seattle-based ecommerce company is turning the current scary-high inflation rate into a weekly discount, announced every Friday until the first day of school.

“Back-to-school is both an exciting time and emotional time for moms as their kids enter a new grade or start school for the first time,” says Denise Jaeschke, Zulilly’s vice president of integrated customer marketing. “But it’s also a stressful time, given long shopping lists that add up quickly.”

Jaeschke says rising inflation has intensified that anxiety, “which means moms are searching for ways to maximize savings and time without sacrificing the brands and quality they love this back-to-school season -- more so than in years past.”

Zulily is promoting the offer in various channels “with messaging and content that informs customers about how they can outsmart inflation in our Back-to-School Shop,” she tells Marketing Daily via email. “From onsite banners and social media posts to email and mobile push notifications and influencer word-of-mouth marketing, there will be multiple ways for shoppers to find out about the discount.”

Retailers are expecting a solid back-to-school season. According to a new study from the Ziff Media Group, parents plan to spend more this year than last -- about $1,248 versus $849, per the National Retail Federation.

Some of that is doubtless due to rising costs. But 63% of respondents tell Ziff that after two years of COVID-interrupted classes, back-to-school is a bigger deal in their homes. They’re in a hurry, with 68% planning to complete all their purchases in July and August, up from 62% last year. And 85% plan to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day.

The survey also predicts the most significant channel shift in two years, with 61% planning to do most of their shopping in stores, up from 41% last year. And fewer -- just 39% -- plan to do most shopping online, compared with 55% last year.

Parents are more concerned with making their children smile, with 51% saying kids who are happy with purchases are their main priority. While 47% say they plan to be efficient with their budget, only 24% name “spending as little as possible” their primary goal.

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