Study: Most Firms Have Had An Email Security Episode

Email remains a primary tool not only for legitimate marketers, but also for cyber criminals.  

A full 92% of companies have experienced an email-related security incident in the past, year, according to the 2022 Email Security Trends Report, a study by AimPoint Group, sponsored by Abnormal. 

Indeed, 28% of marketers say they have experienced from one to five incidents, while 39% have had six to 10, 19% have experienced 11 to 25, and 6%, more than 25.  

Businesses rate the following types of email threats as follows, on a scale of one to five: 

  • Malicious attachments — 3.83 
  • Ransomware (delivered via email) — 3.82
  • Credential phishing — 3.78 
  • Malicious URLs — 3.73
  • Business email compromise — 3.63
  • Supply-chain compromise — 3.59
  • Spam — 3.41 
  • Graymail — 3.25

Dealing with these threats is time-consuming — 54% of respondents say they need more than a half hour to remediate each phishing email reported by someone within the company. 

Only 8% say they require 10%, while 38% say they need 11-30 minutes, while 41% say they require 31-60 minutes, 12% need 1 to 2 hours and 1% require over 2 hours. 

In addition, the study found that 78% of stakeholders believe secure email gateways are largely incapable of protecting cloud email environments.  

Yet 93% of companies have adopted a cloud email solution, or plan to acquire one.

In addition, 79% say they feel native security capabilities of cloud email solutions offer insufficient protection.  

But 90% believe a combination of cloud email provider’s native security capabilities and an integrated cloud email security platform can replace the full functionality of an SEG.  

AimPoint Group surveyed 300 security leaders. 

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