Airstream, REI Partner For Special Edition Travel Trailer

Airstream and REI Co-op have collaborated on a special edition model focused on sustainability. 

The special edition, built on the Airstream Basecamp model, introduces a wide range of sustainability attributes to the travel trailer, according to the companies.

The 16-foot REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailer will be available for REI Co-op members to preview first at Customers can place orders beginning July 28 from authorized Airstream dealerships with pricing starting at $52,900.

The partnership is another example of the efforts the company is taking to help reduce the carbon footprint of travel across the world in an Airstream, Airstream president and CEO Bob Wheeler told reporters last week during a media preview last week.



"This one-of-a-kind Basecamp travel trailer has helped us step into new territories and explore more sustainable manufacturing practices and materials as we work to prioritize caring for the environment,” Wheeler says. 

The model includes recycled materials, as well as features to help customers camp longer by conserving resources such as water.

REI Co-op has seen an expansion of the types of products people are buying and the ways in which people are camping, particularly from a rising customer segment that is younger, more diverse, and more spontaneous, says Isabelle Portilla, divisional vice president, REI Co-op brands product strategy and design. 

These customers like camping at their own pace, consider themselves to be self-sufficient, and appreciate the ability to personalize their experience, Portilla says.

The new trailer features more environmentally friendly design choices aimed at reducing impact, such as fabrics and laminates made from post-consumer recycled materials, a cutting board sink cover made from recycled paper, and cabinetry crafted from lightweight and sustainably grown wood. 

Camping has been central to the REI member and customer experience since 1938, and this new collaboration with Airstream offers another adventure option for people seeking vehicle-supported experiences that bridge the worlds of car camping and RVing. 

Since 2019, REI Co-op sales of vehicle-supported camp items, including refrigerators, car shelters, and rooftop tents have increased by 45%.

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