Chevrolet Partners With Designer Wendell Holland For Garage Makeover

Chevrolet collaborated with celebrity designer and builder Wendell Holland for a garage makeover inspired by a Bolt electric vehicle owner.

In stories from owners who love living the EV lifestyle — especially the perk of not having to buy or pump gas thanks to charging at home —  many EV drivers said they're nostalgic about one thing. Namely, they miss the guilty pleasure snacks found at the gas station mini mart.

So Chevrolet decided to transform one Bolt EV owner’s garage into the “ultimate EV garage” to demonstrate how EV drivers can have the best of both worlds: indulging in the tasty treats they love, while charging their electric car at home.

Chevrolet collaborated with Holland, recognized for his popular television shows in home design, to redesign Denver resident and Chevy Bolt owner Pamela Talley’s garage into an at-home convenience store. 



Chevy even polled the brand’s social media audience to track their favorite gas station snacks and incorporated these into the makeover. Talley’s garage is now stocked with a frozen drink machine, hot dog warmer, beef jerky buffet, chips, candy and a drink fridge.

The General Motors division is making it easier for Bolt EV and Bolt EUV owners to charge at home. 

Chevrolet will cover standard installation of a Level 2 charging outlet for eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 or 2023 model year Bolt EV or Bolt EUV1.

Chevrolet posted a video of the garage transformation to its YouTube channel. Not all viewers were fans of the idea of an “EV lifestyle," however.

“I have a small garage,” commented one viewer. “I cannot fit the car and the charging infrastructure necessary in the garage at the same time. … A gas station still allows you to ‘charge’ your gas tank in seconds rather than hours to charge your batteries. What's the range on this thing? I drive about 300 miles a day with no downtime. Can this vehicle hack it?”

Several commenters referenced an earlier recall of Chevrolet Bolts due to vehicle fires.

“The next day the battery explodes and the garage burned down,” wrote a commenter. “I’m not gonna miss the gas station because i will only drive [internal combustion engine] cars.” 

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