Microsoft Outlook Switching Place For Accessing Apps

Microsoft is moving the spot for accessing Outlook apps from the bottom of the page to the left, a change that may not affect email marketing but may be an adjustment for users. 

The new design will soon become “the default experience for navigating Mail, Calendar, People, and other apps (starting with Current Channel version 2207),” Microsoft writes.

The update will provide a consistent experience across Outlook, Teams, and for switching apps. In addition, it will create room for more apps.

Outlook users on Current Channel have been able to opt in to the new experience since March of this year.  

The company advises users: “You can easily launch popular apps like To Do, Yammer, Bookings, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without leaving Outlook, with more to come.” 

However, it concedes, “The Outlook team recognizes this is a big user experience change and it will take time to get used to the new location for Mail, Calendar, etc.”



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