Frenemy Action: Google News To Help Local Broadcasters Master First-Party Data, D2C

The National Broadcasters Association’s (NAB) PILOT tech innovation arm has tapped the Google News Initiative for a program to help broadcasters protect their advertising competitiveness by mastering use of first-party data and engagement within direct-to-consumer models.

Although NAB has in the past accused Google Search of undercompensating local TV broadcasters to the tune of nearly $2 billion per year, local broadcasters are in need of expert help as they seek to develop new, first party data-based solutions in the face of the phase-out of third-party cookies and consumers’ changing privacy expectations.

"Implementing new strategies to enhance first party data and audience engagement, especially those to better serve local audiences, are vital across all broadcaster platforms," said Beth Grossman, head of revenue strategy, local broadcast news at Google.

Ten of NAB’s television and radio members will participate in the first phase of the six-month educational program with Google.

As part of the educational program, PILOT has commissioned Borrell Associates to publish a report on the most promising D2C strategies for broadcasters, and Omdia to document current strategies based on European experiences.

PILOT will produce industry case studies that document the various strategies of program participants.

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