Firm Offers Email Tool For Small Homebuilders

Home builders have a new tool for creating email marketing campaigns: BuildTopia Marketing, a platform being offered by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, a provider of home building software.  

BuildTopia is an email program with easy-to-use features the firm says.  

“This level of sophistication has not been accessible to smaller builders outside the enterprise until now,” says Andrew Vega, sales director of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems.

The new tool allows users to manage contact groups with an integrated CRM and email platform. Builders can create a campaign audience based on information they have in their CRM, allowing them to send targeted new home listing emails to contacts interested in a geographical location.

BuildTopia also includes a drag-and-drops email designer, email templates and measurement reporting. And its deliverability features can help senders avoid the spambox, the firm says. 



The new product is the the outbound customer engagement counterpart to the company’s inbound NHLS Distribution Engine. Together, they can help builders distribute new home listings to their websites, their local MLS and other channels from a single source, the company adds.  

“Small and mid-sized builders today don’t have the time or resources to on-board and run complex marketing technologies,” says Sean Wilhelm, vice president at Constellation HomeBuilder. 

Wilhelm adds, “They need an easy-to-use marketing software to engage their customers, but also need it to be integrated with their CRM system and to successfully run it without the support of a large team of IT professionals.”


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