Cloudingo and LeanData Team Up On Salesforce Support

Two tech firms, Cloudingo and LeanData have formed a partnership to enhance the Salesforce experience for brands.

The arrangement combines Cloudingo’s data-quality services with LeanData’s lead-routing platform.

The goal is to provide “a path to enrich lead and contact records at any point within their routing flow,” says Lars Nielsen, CEO, Cloudingo.

The partnership provides a way to “further accelerate the revenue generation process by providing an easy way to convert leads and look to Salesforce as a single source of truth where data is regularly updated and synched,” adds Evan Liang, CEO, LeanData. 

Cloudingo provides Salesforce customers with a tool for eliminating and preventing duplicate records and enhancing overall data quality, the company says. With its sister product DupeCatcher, Cloudingo facilitates data quality for over 30,000 Salesforce uses worldwide, the company says.





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