Retailers Expand Hispanic Heritage Promotions

With the White House officially kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month, retailers are piling on the celebration. They're adding olés to Latinx celebrities, designers, chefs and artisans.

While stores like Target, Walmart and grocery chains have increasingly been baking year-round Hispanic-specific tactics into marketing efforts for many ages, it's an audience of increasing importance to all stores.

McKinsey reports that Latinos make up 18.4% of the U.S. population and 17.3% of its labor force. That's expected to reach 30% by 2060.

It's a segment of the population that grows more varied by the day, requiring retailers to find ways to connect that are authentic, respectful and original.

Macy's is using its social purpose platform, Mission Every One, to introduce a round-up and donation campaign to benefit the Hispanic Federation. It's also spotlighting up-and-coming Hispanic/Latino-owned brands, including Caley Cosmetics and Beautyblender.

Nordstrom is featuring products from Latinx-owned and founded brands, with a shoppable website stocked with more than 2,000 items.

Nordstrom has pledged to deliver $500 million in annual retail sales from brands owned by, operated by, or designed by Black and/or Latinx individuals by 2025. Last year, such brands brought in $177 million in sales.

The retailer is also inviting New Yorkers to its Manhattan location to meet some of the founders with pop-ups and events with companies like Immigrant Apparel, Somos and Brooklyn's favorite Fan-Fan Doughnuts.

If shoppers want more than doughnuts, they can head to any of the store's restaurants, which feature dishes developed with chef Iliana de la Vega, a Mexican-born restaurateur, culinary consultant and James Beard Award winner.

Target is celebrating with a "Meet the Makers" campaign, including Daniela Jordan-Villaveces, a Colombian creative director and illustrator, and Gabriel Garcia Roman, a Mexican-American craftsman and artist.

Etsy also features a special shop focusing on its range of makers. Shoppers can score everything from a $3,600 embroidered wedding dress from The Vintage Jesus, to Argentinian pottery and Cafecito-scented candles from California.

Kroger is curating food ingredients by region and focusing on recipes from chefs and dieticians.

And Hy-Vee is doing a mash-up this year combining Hispanic Heritage Month promotions with Family Meals Month. Throughout the month, the grocery chain provides resources to help families enjoy at least one more meal together each week. Its stores feature Hispanic products from multicultural suppliers, such as Siete, and a special cooking guide featuring Latino-inspired recipes. It's also making its classes available in Spanish.

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