Fully Packed: Yahoo Adds Inbox Management Tools To Mobile App

Yahoo has debuted a new Mail app that it says will help consumers manage their inboxes. 

The app, which is rolling out on iOS and Android today, enables users to manage digital receipts, gift cards, subscriptions and packing tracking.  

“We know how important it is for people to quickly find what they need, whether it’s tomorrow’s flight departure time, a free trial for a video streaming service, or how much was spent during a weekend getaway with friends,” says Josh Jacobson, GM & SVP Yahoo Communications. 

Some aspects of the app might help brands, including the package and gift-card trackers. Others, like the one-tap unsubscribe and mass email erasure, may not be as welcome. 

According to Yahoo, the app includes these features:

  • Gift Card View — Shoppers can manage all of their unused gift cards and make sure they are used before they expire.  
  • “Free Trial” Tracker — This features delivers top-of-inbox reminders that help people manage trial subscriptions. Alerts are sent when a “free trial” period is about to expire, so the user can decide whether to continue a subscription or cancel before getting charged.
  • Receipts View — This tracks receipts from all  orders in one place. Yahoo says it makes returns faster and provides a handy view of spending patterns. 
  • Updated Package Tracking Alerts — Automatic alerts that stay at the top of the inbox to inform the shoppers where their package — in transit or ready at the store for pick-up.



In addition, the new app also addresses major pain points with these capabilities:

  • Updated Top-of-Inbox Navigation — A tool with contextual filters, allowing users to toggle between ‘Inbox,’ ‘Attachments,’ ‘Starred’ and productivity reminders to help them stay on task. 
  • One-tap Unsubscribe — Consumers can unsubscribe from one or many brand promo emails and newsletters with a single tap, Yahoo says. 
  • Group by Sender — The new ‘group by sender’ feature allows users to group emails by domain and quickly delete all messages from a sender. 
  • Attachments — This displays all attachments in the inbox with the ability to filter by file type (pdfs, word docs, jpeg) or photos.  
  • Email to Myself — Available in Yahoo Mail Plus, this allows users to locate all the emails they have sent to themselves.



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