Gravy Analytics Offers Tool To Protect Location Privacy

Gravy Analytics has debuted a product that helps brands ensure that location data is not used, shared or resold.  

The new offering, PrivacyCheck, allows users to find and remove data that matches more than 500,000 privacy-sensitive locations,whether generated by mobile apps, websites, navigation systems, or IoT devices.

PrivacyCheck will check for data that matches healthcare-related places—including women’s health centers—and sensitive locations in such categories as religion, education, children, and social services. 

Gravy has integrated a privacy feature it added to its APIs in 2019 into its AdmitOne data processing platform. This prevents access to data collected at sensitive locations

The firm notes that location analytics built on pseudonymous location data is relied on by firms in many industries to make decisions that affect productivity, efficiency, and safety. However, these use cases raise privacy issues. 

PrivacyCheck is being offered as a subscription service 

“Consumer privacy is the responsibility of everyone in the location technology space, and we all need to do our part to ensure that the data we collect and use is privacy-friendly,” states Jeff White, founder and CEO. Of Gravy Analytics. 



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