Foundry Launches B2B Intent-Data Product

B2B publisher and martech provider Foundry has launched an intent-data product that offers “concrete, multi-channel signals from the contact level up,” claims Foundry President Kumaran Ramanathan.

The new product, Foundry Intent, is the company’s first product  launch since it acquired data and martech companies LeadSift, KickFire, Triblio, and Selling Simplified. 

Foundry Intent is built upon Foundry’s existing Neon ABM data infrastructure and its IT audience and activation. 

The firm has brought together KickFire and LeadSift data capture technologies and machine learning to enhance and expand its knowledge graph across all technology verticals, Foundry says.



It addition, Foundry Intent provides a view of intent to tech marketers trying to respond to buyers’ individual needs, it adds.

“Until now,” Ramanathan says, “the intent market has offered points of view from a single category of data source, and marketers have been left to aggregate and standardize account-level data in hopes of constructing their own insights.” 

Ramanathan contends that “The market has signaled that bid stream data and cookies are too limited both in the scope and detail needed to reach an actionable and accurate view of the buyer journey.”

Foundry, formerly known as IDG, was acquired last year by Blackstone for $1.3 billion. 

This tech side of the business has been fueled by four acquisitions the firm made in the last two years, and by the content supplied by its B2B brands, including ComputerworldInfoWorldMacWorldNetwork World, and PCWorld.

Foundry now has an estimated 300 million profiles in its global database, an executive said in July. 


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