financial services's 'House Whisperer' Aims To Help Struggling Homebuyers is introducing a hero to its creative in an effort to reassure potential homebuyers, who are struggling with the tricky process.

The House Whisperer aims to help consumers make sense of the housing market.

The effort is from Erich and Kallman, an agency founded by former Crispin Porter Bogusky president Steven Erich and Wieden+Kennedy and TBWA/Chiat Day veteran Eric Kallman.

“The home-buying process can be an emotional roller coaster and homebuyers are dealing with a lot of noise,” Kallman says in a release. 

While the brand is well known, “we needed some help from a standout spokesperson in order to illustrate that in a memorable way,” he says. “The knowledgeable House Whisperer is a straight-talking, sage guru who cements in people’s minds as the transparent guide you can trust to give you the real picture of the real estate process.”



The campaign includes four 30- and 15-second spots which will run both on broadcast and digital. The "House Whisperer" and the tagline "To Each Their Home"  are making their way across the company’s other touch points, including social and display. 

While the campaign is light-hearted, it comes at a time when the housing market is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly challenging. Mortgage rates are at levels not seen in 20 years and home prices are hovering at all-time highs, adding hundreds of dollars to monthly payments.'s mission is to be a trusted guide for consumers as they navigate the ups and downs of the housing market, says Mickey Neuberger, chief marketing officer at

"We’re not trying to push someone toward a home they can't afford,” Neuberger says in a release. “We advocate for each and every homebuyer and help them find a home that is perfect for their family. The wise house whisperer really embodies our brand voice and how we want home shoppers to think of us – as a trusted source for unbiased information, a guide throughout their journey and yes, even a renegade with a cool hat.”

"So Many Houses" features a family  overwhelmed by the sheer number of homes to choose from. The house whisperer appears out of nowhere in their living room. He shows the family how to use the app’s filters to narrow down their options to the ones that work for their family.

"House Bitten" reveals the House Whisperer’s origin –  he was “bitten” by a house as a child. He introduces the website’s Buying Power tool to a family struggling to understand how much of a home they can afford.

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