Sonnenfeld-Directed 'Bedtime Stories' Ad To Debut In World Series Opener

HR platform UKG is unveiling a new ad campaign called “Bedtime Stories” and is using tonight’s World Series opener as the launch pad.

The company worked with independent agency Zambezi on the campaign. The ad anchoring the effort, directed by filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld (“The Addams Family,” “Men In Black”) is filled with computer-generated imagery designed to turn the workplace into a fairytale wonderland.

The campaign targets decision makers to illustrate how they can better understand the employee experience via UKG’s capabilities, which include HR, payroll and workforce management solutions.

The 30-second ad flips the bedtime story tradition around as it opens with a young girl reading at bedtime to her dad. “Not far away lies a magical place,” the girl reads, “where people start work with a smile on their face.” As the girl’s narration continues, viewers are brought into a dreamy world of vibrant CGI-generated workplace scenarios.



The spot ends with a pitch from a narrator to “make your fantasy workplace a reality” with UKG’s services.

In addition to its debut during the Series opener, the spot will air on broadcast, social, digital video, and connected TV throughout 2023. The campaign will also feature custom digital, print, outdoor, audio, and more. It will also drop in undisclosed international markets.


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