Top Execs And Their Lawyers Trust Traditional Media The Most: Study

C-suite executives and their legal counsel are, like everyone, seeking expert guidance in these troubled times.  

For this, they find traditional media as valuable as they did in 2019, followed by publications and websites covering their professions, according to 2022 State of Digital And Content Marketing, a study by Greentarget and Zeughauser Group.

Articles are the preferred content format, with email alerts a distant sixth among C-suite members. Newsletters are seventh, and podcasts are ninth-- at the bottom. Second are conferences/webinars and third research reports. 

In-house counsel rank email alerts at eighth — second to last. Articles and research papers take the top two slots. 

What are the benefits of email alerts? Of those polled, 37% see alerts as educational (compared to 77% for articles, 73% for conferences and webinars, 57% for podcasts, 53% for newsletters and 50% for research reports. 



Worse, no respondents find email alerts entertaining, although 70% say they are timely and 77% relevant. 

Newsletters (presumably sent by email) score highly for many attributes. But here may be an opportunity: Zero respondents say they are interactive, and the same number feels the same way about alerts.  

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is making inroads as a content source and as a valued distribution platform for in-house content.   

The most important content attribute is utility. And the two top subjects are cybersecurity and DEI. 

Greentarget and Zeughauser Group conducted 10 in-depth interviews and  surveyed 200 executives (100 in-house counsel and 100 various C-suite members) and 30 law firm chief marketing officers. 


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