Click Lines

Performance marketing network MIVA, Inc. has a new suite of campaign management tools designed to give its pay-per-click network clients tighter control over their keyword search management and spending. "If you know your return on investment is better from clicks you get between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., you can set your campaign to only run between those hours," explains Tom Wilde, senior vice president of MIVA North America. The new tools enable clients to do geographic routing, create search-term groupings under a single campaign, create and manage scheduling, include start and end dates and days of the week, set budget limits, and generate a variety of reports.

Performance-based ad networks "work better for lead generation than branding," says David Manning, vice president and media director of Beyond Interactive, who has used them for travel and real estate clients. "They're good for anybody looking to generate a certain action and for people who want to be efficient." It doesn't matter that you can't pick specific sites, he adds: "It's not about developing an association with the sites, it's about finding customers who will respond."

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