IGNITE, Le Truc Activate Gen Z's Political Engagement Post-Election

Mobilizing Gen Z voters beyond Election Day is the focus of IGNITE. And to push its message, it’s launched “We’ll take It From Here” campaign.

Part of the campaign is the “No Masters Class by IGNITE series,” highlighting digital content by Gen Z activists and influencers. The goal is to kick-start the demo’s political life.

The effort streams on TikTok and YouTube, alongside out-of-home ads, lawn signs and voting stickers driving the target audience to the series in key markets.

Publicis Groupe’s Le Truc produced the creative in collaboration with IGNITE.

The series’ shorts includes actress-activist Sis, founder of The Next Generation Project, a nonprofit that distributes resources to Black and brown trans people.; Will Larkins, 17, who organized the biggest school walkout in Florida in response to Gov. DeSantis’ bill, known as Don’t Say Gay bill; and Emily Flores, a Mexican-American student at the University of Texas who founded Cripple Media, a magazine and site by and for Gen Zers with disabilities at 15.



Here is Will Larkins’ “How To Mobilize a Walkout.”

“If there’s one thing this election has shown us, it’s that young people — especially young women — are harnessing their immense political power and flipping the script on how politics can and should be done, from voting to organizing to policy making,” said Sara Guillermo, CEO of IGNITE.

She noted the “No Masters Class” provided Gen Zers with tools to create real change. “It’s this type of grassroots activism that IGNITE hopes to fuel in Gen Z, with the ultimate goal of bringing about the next generation of political powerhouses.” 

Marcos Kotihar, CCO, Le Truc, added: “We are bringing Gen Z voices to the forefront to show how the next generation of activists is outsmarting the political systems of yesterday — and how others can follow suit.”

Le Truc was formed in February 2021, bringing together 600 creatives, strategists and producers under one creative umbrella.

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