Deadfellaz NFTs, Wrangler Collaboration: Wearable Technology Meets Fashion

Deadfellaz -- an Ethereum profile picture (PFP) collection that spans 10,000 unique avatars and has generated almost $100 million worth of secondary trading volume -- has announced the second phase of its apparel collection with iconic denim brand Wrangler.

The first phase of the Deadfellaz and Wrangler collaboration included Web3 platform LTD.INC in the creation of a choose-your-own-adventure interactive storyline designed to allow the Deadfellaz community (known as “The Horde”) to determine the outcome of a digital comic strip drawn by conceptual artist Leon Lee.

The slide introduced an unknown heroine in a pair of Wrangler jeans at the start of an adventure in “Arcadia,” a fictional Deadfellaz world. The community was then asked to help direct the story by voting in multi-choice polls.

Thirteen winners received one pair of limited edition (with only 20 created) vintage Wrangler jeans, chipped with NFC technology (Near-Field Communication) by LTD.INC, a web3 platform for top artists and creators.

When scanned using LTD.INC’s proprietary app, the chip provided proof of ownership on the blockchain as well as access to exclusive digital content and communities, in an attempt to evolve how brands can communicate with fans by engaging them wherever they are, the company says. 

The new phase of the collection -- consisting of both digital and physical wearables -- made its first appearance at Deadzone LA, a Halloween event curated by Deadfellaz, where attendees purchased limited-run items in real life and in the metaverse. 

Items include a dark denim Wrangler jacket covered in Deadfellaz graffiti and a black tee celebrating the The Horde. They were made available to the public today,  November 11, at 7:30 am.  

The collaboration was unlocked by United Talent Agency, which Deadfellaz signed with in April in a move to pursue brand partnerships. 

In addition, members of the Wrangler team will join Deadfellaz co-founders Betty and Psych this Friday for their weekly #FellazFriday Twitter Space to discuss the collaboration more in depth with their communities. 





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