Verve Group Offers Access To In-App Inventory On Google Demand Platform

Ad-technology ecosystem Verve Group is now a bidding partner for in-app inventory on Google Ad Manager.  

The arrangement allows publishers to connect to access premium ad demand on in-app bidding platforms, the firm says. In addition, demand partners will have equal access to 100% of a publisher’s in-app inventory, thus democratizing the process, it adds. 

“Neutrality, transparency, and reliability are the core tenets of our marketplace,” says Aviran Edery, senior vice president, marketplace at Verve Group. “Google’s Open Bidding platform offers improved monetization options to publishers, and unrestricted access to high lifetime value (LTV) users to demand partners.”

Open Bidding offer a new point of entry for global publishers to access Verve Group’s marketplace, the company says. 

Verve Group adds that app developers will also soon be able to layer their inventory with contextual signals through the firm’s privacy-sensitive targeting tools.



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