Discount Pay TV Provider Frndly TV Sees Sharp Growth Of 40% To 700,000 Subs

Frndly TV, a steeply discounted virtual pay TV service, has seen significant growth this year of 40% -- to 700,000 subscribers.

Frndly TV does not carry high-priced broadcast networks or cable TV sports that can charge pay TV distributors pricey carriage fees -- which in turn are typically passed on to subscribers.

The virtual pay service, which is carried more than 40 live cable TV networks, has a starting price of just $6.99 a month.

Many full-service virtual pay TV services -- which include broadcast networks -- typically have a much higher starting price of around $40 a month (Sling TV) to $69.99 a month (Hulu+Live TV).

Frndly TV’s nearest competitor -- Philo -- is priced at $25 for more than 70 channels a month and does not carry broadcast or sports TV channels.

Channels on Frndly TV include Hallmark Channel, A&E, the History Channel, Game Show Network, INSP, Lifetime, UPtv, Curiosity Stream, The Weather Channel, and GAC Family, among others.

Over the past year, Frndly TV says viewer engagement has grown 10% over the past year, with “reactivations” of subscribers increasing 33% versus a year ago.

Frndly TV launched in October 2019.



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