Twitter Adds Stock And Crypto Display Feature In Search Bar

While Twitter spins on through Elon Musk’s cyclone of mayhem, the microblogging platform has rolled out a feature on Thursday that allows users to search for company stocks and cryptocurrency prices. 

To do so, Twitter users can type the dollar symbol and the stock title of any desired company or cryptocurrency. For example, “$APPL” (Apple) or “$BTC” (BitCoin) directly into the platform’s search bar. Twitter will then display the current price. 

Specifically, the resulting image will include the company or currency’s stock price and chart with the option for additional details through a link to financial service Robinhood. 

Due to the logo in the top right corner of the resulting stock images, users have figured that Twitter is sourcing the data from market-tracking website TradingView.

Twitter users are skeptical about whether or not the social media company is in commercial partnerships with Robinhood or TradingView and what that could mean for users’ data, though it is still unclear. 

The user experience around this feature is still rocky, with users complaining about duplicate symbols, incompatibility with Twitter’s Dark Mode display, and missing stock results from select companies. 

Twitter said that in the coming weeks it will refine the user experience and add better symbol compatibility.  

In the past week, chaos continues to reign at Twitter, with Musk banning leading journalists from the platform, rolling out a policy that bans posts including links and handles to competing social networks (and then quickly discontinuing the policy), and even announcing his own resignation as CEO in lieu of a public poll. 

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