Will Season 3 Of HBO's 'White Lotus' Be Filmed In Bonaire?

Will Season Three of HBO's 'White Lotus' be filmed in Bonaire?

That’s what the Caribbean island -- part of the Netherlands -- is hoping for. It has even launched an ad campaign pitching itself for the opportunity.

There is no decision yet — at least publicly — on where season three of the HBO hit series "White Lotus" will be filmed.

The first two seasons of the darkly comic murder mystery were filmed in Hawaii and Sicily, respectively. And there’s been a lot of speculation and curiosity from fans about where the third season will be filmed.

But at least one island in the Caribbean — Bonaire, a municipality of the Netherlands — is raising its hand (you, know, if islands had hands) and saying, “Pick me!”



The island, with the help of Tampa, Florida-based ad agency Dunn & Co., has launched a promotional campaign to help it get noticed and be considered, if not selected outright.

The Instagram and TikTok campaign features footage of the island while paying homage to key themes/lines in the show.

The creative agency worked with a music director to produce a custom score to imitate the White Lotus theme song. The video, which is ominous in tone, reminds visitors that they can come and relax at Bonaire, but notes: “Please don’t murder anyone.”

“We happened to already have all of this great footage at Bonaire that mimics the B-roll that is used in the White Lotus trailers and opening credits,” says Troy Dunn, CEO at Dunn & Co agency. “We just had to jump at the opportunity to get Bonaire to the spotlight.”

Whether it has a shot remains to be seen. In a series postscript interview following the finale of season two, showrunner Mike White hinted that season three might take a “satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality.”

If Eastern religion were a main theme, that would suggest perhaps a location in Asia. And White hinted to Deadline earlier this month that Asia “would be fun.”  

Good luck, Bonaire. No harm in raising your hand.


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