Boot Deodorizer, Anybody? Martha Stewart Suggests DIY Uses For Tito's Vodka


You can observe “Dry January” but still use vodka.

The concept is called “DIY January” and it’s being championed by DIY impresario and lifestyle expert Martha Stewart on behalf of Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

“Hey, I get it. It’s Dry January so you’re not drinking much,” says Stewart at the opening of this 60-spot made in collaboration with Arts & Letters Creative Co. “But, if you’ve got Tito’s lying around, don’t just stare at it. Use it.”

There follows a whimsical montage of offbeat suggestions that include spraying the spirit into a pair of boots to “say goodbye to musty smells,” pouring a generous serving into pasta sauce for “a little extra kick” and tenderizing a slab of meat by slamming it with a bottle of Tito’s.



The spot closes with Stewart raising a martini glass while declaring “Oh (BLEEP) it, Martha needs a drink.”

Tito’s vice president of marketing Taylor Berry describes Stewart as the “undisputed queen” of homemaking.

“Martha and her team have been true creative collaborators throughout the development of this campaign,” Berry tells Marketing Daily. “It has been hysterical and a joy to work with them. We couldn't be happier with how it all turned out.”

The campaign includes limited-edition “Deodorizer,” “Flavorizer” and Cleanerizer bottle-top attachments that can be purchased on the Tito’s website—with sales proceeds benefiting customers’ choice of one of five non-profit groups Tito’s supports.

A caveat on the website notes “We can’t guarantee the outcome of these DIY uses for Tito’s—they are legally non-binding because this is a joke and we’re a vodka brand."

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