OpenSea Announces New Tools For Creators' NFT Drops

Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has released the next phase of Drops, which features tools designed to give creators more autonomy when launching their NFT collections in partnership with OpenSea.

Drops, which refers to the release of an NFT project, originally promised creators the opportunity to partner with OpenSea and receive a sponsored drop experience to showcase their products with the attention of OpenSea's 1.5 million users.

The next phase of the Drops rollout, according to a series of tweets from the company, will provide NFT creators with specific tools to manage their own minting experience, including deploying smart contracts across blockchains supported by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), configuring drop mechanics, personalizing landing pages using WYSIWYG (What You See If What You Get) editing tools, and more.

The company says it will gradually open the experience to select creators over the next few weeks, then introduce more features as it continues. Interested partners can request early access to the toolkit on OpenSea's website.

“Our vision is to expand this product so that ANYONE can easily drop collections across any chain on OpenSea with an immersive, safe storefront, without needing access to robust technical resources or expertise,” the company tweeted.

Despite a rough 2022, the NFT market improved in January.

According to a new report by decentralized application analytics platform DappRadar, the number of transactions in January (9.2 million) was up 37% from December, marking the highest sales count in half a year.

In addition, trading volume has increased in terms of dollars -- up 38% at $946 million, which marks a high since the $1 billion peak last June.

Still, it will be helpful for creators to have a personalized landing page on OpenSea for their upcoming collections, which are showcased on the marketplace through videos and image galleries.

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