Cannabis Social Network WeedTube Appoints New CEO

After expanding its offerings in October, WeedTube -- a social-media platform dedicated to legal cannabis consumers while providing a commercial-style advertising platform for cannabis business -- has announced the appointment of Maggie Adair as the new CEO of the company.

WeedTube launched in 2018 in response to the strict censorship of marijuana content from YouTube, and claims to be a safe space for cannabis users to connect and share content without fear of being censored.

In March, the company launched a petition to gather a million signatures, demanding that Instagram end its strict censorship of cannabis-related content and update its Community Guidelines to treat all legally operating cannabis businesses equally.

As CEO, Adair says she hopes to enable the company's mission of protecting content creators and users against unjust online censorship.

Adair began her career in the political realm of Washington D.C., working for political officials in media, campaigns and the technology field. She specializes in marketing, advertising and fundraising -- skills she says she will use to work on expanding the future of online communities for the business.

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