Hotel Tango Debuts 'Unofficial Series' Line

Artisan distillery Hotel Tango is launching new packaging and adding to its spirits line.

Indianapolis-based Young & Laramore, its AOR agency, is highlighting two new Hotel Tango products  — ”The Unofficial Series” — which includes experimental flavors such as toasted marshmallow bourbon ‘Shmallow and blueberry gin Navyberry.

The line's debut reflects a trend in the spirits category: flavored bourbons and whiskeys are become more popular.

Both were considered too unconventional for the "official" military-inspired look of the brand's usual product line, including reserve bourbon, rye whisky, vodka, gin and wild rum.

‘Shmallow is available at select retailers and on Hotel Tango’s online store. Navyberry is available on the online store for a limited time. 



“At Hotel Tango, we’re proud of the disciplined, military mindset we bring to our spirits. But we know that sometimes, every good soldier, sailor, airman or marine needs to unwind a little bit. Our Unofficial Series is a chance for our distillers to do just that. By working with new, unorthodox flavor combinations, they’ve captured the sense of adventure and fun that’s just as much a part of military culture as rucksacks and MREs — and a whole lot better tasting,” said Travis Barnes, founder-CEO at Hotel Tango Distillery.

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