TikTok Launches 'Sounds for Business' For Easier Sound-On Marketing Creation

To provide easier marketing creation on its platform and push its e-commerce offerings, TikTok has announced the release of “Sounds for Business,” a collection of custom sounds that businesses can use to create quick, engaging and creative content for fans and customers.

Available on the Commercial Music Library, TikTok says that Sounds for Business cover music, voiceover, and “other directional sound cues." The sounds are pre-cleared for commercial use on the platform, allowing brands to avoid abstaining licenses on their own.

In the two months Sounds for Business have been available, TikTok says they have ranked in the 1% of sounds in creates, views, likes and shares on the Commercial Music Library.

“If properly utilized, music can contribute to brand awareness and favorability,” the video-sharing company wrote in a recent statement. 

Despite rising popularity around the use of captions when consuming video on social media and TV, music is still integral to the TikTok experience.

The company points out that catchy tunes can help a brand's impact on its entertainment platform. If a brand's video features a song a user likes, the company states, 68% of users say they remember the brand better, and 62% say they are more curious to learn about the brand.



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