Twitter Announces Video Marketing Course, Despite Lack of Advertisers

Although 70% of Twitter's top advertisers have cancelled or reduced their spending in response to CEO Elon Musk's recent changes to the app, Twitter is attempting to help advertisers boost content in an eight-part educational series on video marketing.

The series is called “Unskippable” and was created by Twitter's own creative team. Together, the team wants to deliver tips and advice to advertisers so they can “produce thousands of top-performing ads on the platform every year.”

Content can become watered down when every tip on the list is implemented in a single advertisement without proper care -- losing its entertainment value and creative spark,” states the Twitter team. “That’s why this course was created for creatives, by creatives, and does not just teach you what the best practices are, but how to use them to think about and approach your next piece of content.”

The featured videos are all less than two minutes in length and cover basic topics like “Creating Attention,” “The Right Video Size,” “Pairing Copy & Captions,” “Breaking the 4th Wall” and more.

The series is part of Twitter’s free “Flight School” education platform, which offers insights into advertising practices on the platform.

According to data from last month, Twitter’s monthly ad revenue is estimated to have dropped by 60% between October and January 25th of 2022, from about $127 million to over $48 million.

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