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Bic's No-Clog Razor Is Its Biggest Launch In Decades

Bic wants to start a razor revolution. The company is introducing a product called the EasyRinse, with non-clogging innovations that it claims as the biggest news since the disposable razor debuted back in 1975.

The EasyRinse has been five years in the making. "We've known that 50% of consumers run into a clog every single time they shave," says Katie Potocki, Bic's blade excellence marketing director. "It's annoying, especially for people with coarser or curly hair. And our R&D team has truly solved the clog."

Clogging is a glitch that’s gotten worse over time. Razors' blade counts went up as people chased a closer shave. With 21 patents, this design has a reverse blade welded on the other side,.

After testing the product with thousands of men and women, Bic learned that the EasyRinse requires 60% less rinsing time and 25% fewer strokes.



The company intends to make plenty of noise with the launch, using its largest ad spend for the shaving category in 10 years.

While the razor comes in both men's and women's versions, it takes a novel approach by advertising them at the same time. Comedians Eric André and Annie Murphy shave in tandem in "All Shave. No Clog."  Potocki tells MarketingDaily both performers contributed their own lines to the bathroom banter in the ad, created by Doner.

Ads are focused on digital, with the 30-second spot is scheduled to air on connected TV, online video and social media. "We have a specific TikTok asset that we're excited about," Potocki says. "We're also bringing it into stores in fun ways."

EasyRinse is also priced lower than many competitors, at two for $7. "Our price position is value, which is so important in this inflationary environment."

It's also gutsy. While Gillette and Venus currently are the market share leader, the goal is for Bic, which is No. 2, to take a 3.5% market share with this launch. "This is a significant innovation. So we aim to reach 75% of our target consumers."

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