Alt Musicians Strum 'Deer & Beer' Ad For Jagermeister

Some drinks pair well together. Beer and Jägermeister are a popular coupling. But in Mexico, promoting alcohol is tricky. Consumers can’t touch any alcoholic drink in an ad.

Enter The Juju Mexico, which created the Deer & Beer campaign to keep the two together.

In the Deer & Beer spot, two Mexican guitar players, Ana Rizo and Billy Mendrix, used the Rainger Minibar FX, a specially designed guitar pedal, to modify sound using liquids. That helped create a singular song.

Targeting indie-music fans across Latin America, Humberto Polar, the Juju Mexico's Chief Creative Officer, said the spot “electrifies the senses without breaking governing rules.”

“We needed a different way to promote the pairing of Jägermeister and beer for the LatAm community that illustrates that our herbal liquor loves to hang out with its best beer mate,” said Manuel de la Portilla, regional manager for Mexico and Central America.

The Juju, which has offices in Miami, Mexico and throughout South America, has done work for Cabify Argentina, Burger King, Colsanitas, MuBe, Budweiser and Paramount+.



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