And Rising Launches Academy To Up Brand Growth

Marketing company And Rising has kicked off a new program to assist brands and tech with growth efforts.

The Academy will help brands develop marketing efforts to drive up their valuations. It will also concentrate on investment opportunities to fuel growth and enhance a brand’s potential.

Both fees and creative capital (services-for-equity) are available to support high-growth brands and tech.

Clients include: MOMA Foods, Mous, Sweaty Betty, Papier and Seedlip. 

Jonathan Trimble, And Rising co-founder-CEO, said: “The Academy helps deal with a skills and agency shortage, given the dramatic shifts in the media landscape over the past 18 months.” He cites Meta’s disruption by Apple and TikTok to Google’s disruption by AI, as well as changes to streaming TV and the collapse of the traditional growth marketing direct-to-consumer model.

“The Academy means that ventures can focus on finding the right people, rather than buying skills that often turn out to be too corporate, lacking in experience or too specialist.”

And Rising is based in London and Los Angeles. It focuses on integrating skills across brand strategy, media, creative and design to build  low-cost digital marketing ecosystems that up awareness.



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