Adobe Builds On AI - Says New Tool Can Help Marketers Write Email Copy

Adobe has entered the AI creative competition with a product called Sensei GenAI. It’s not the first tech firm to jump in, nor will it be the last.  

Among other things, Sensei GenAI can help marketers create text-based message variations for email, mobile messaging and other consumer touchpoints, Adobe says.

Marketers can select tone of voice and identify key words for creating emails. In addition, they can modify copy on their websites via AEM Sites. 

Users can also leverage large language models (LLMs), including ChatGPT, through the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and FLAN-T5. This selection will align with brand guidelines, product vocabulary and customer insights, Adobe says. 

The features include Conversational Experiences via Marketo Engage, Sensei GenAI, which will power Dynamic Chat and allow B2B brands to engage prospects who visit their digital properties and describe the interactions.

In addition, the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform will utilize Sensei GenAI to create audience segments for personalized campaigns, providing insights on next-best offers and touchpoints. 

Sensei GenAI will also power intelligent captions with Customer Journey Analytics. Cohort tables, fallout charts and other such visualizations will generate text-based descriptions on key takeaways. 

Adobe is also offering Firefly, a family of generative AI models being integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud. This will allow users to produce content variations built on Adobe Stock images that have been deemed safe for commercial use -- and change the image components while generating variations for email, mobile, web and other channels.

The new features will first be natively integrated into Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform.

Because Adobe is a smaller player, it presumably will avoid some of the controversy that has accompanied the announcement of programs such as Google Bard. When answering a query, Bard listed Gmail as a source of data, and then the company quickly denied that this was true. 

According to TechCrunch, Google Workplace said “Bard is an early experiment based on Large Language Models and will make mistakes. It is not trained on Gmail data."

Meanwhile, Adobe has high hopes for Sensei GenAI. 

“Business growth is driven by customer experiences, and generative AI is a transformative, foundational technology that will impact every aspect of how brands connect with their customers,” says Amit Ahuja, senior vice president, digital experience business at Adobe.

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