Dentsu-Led NFT Experiment Gives Creators Access To Horror Show Assets

Dentsu Group is teaming with a handful of partners in Japan on an Non-Fungible Token experiment that will enable creators to utilize creative assets from the Asahi Broadcasting (ABC) horror drama Tokyo Case to create their own derivative works.  

The VR program is seen via Meta Quest TV in Japan. 

The partners are calling the effort a “ghost Link” demonstration experiment using NFTs for an evil god-like character in the program. NFT holders are allowed to freely adapt and edit, and rights including production, duplication, and distribution are granted for both commercial and non-commercial use.  



The main idea is to explore content development utilizing NFTs and the new fan economy in the TV content area for the Web3 era. In addition to discovering new creators, the partners hope to develop valuation models for their works.  

Beside Dentsu and ABC, partners in the experiment include 3RD Gear, Septeni Incubate, Sivira  Sony Corp., and Infinite Objects Inc. (IO). 

As part of the effort media artist Yoichi Ochiai has agreed to serve as lead creator, providing creative feedback.  Creators will be supported with Sivira’s contract wallet, Sony’s hardware wallet technology and IO’s “Video Print” product technology. In part that support is designed to verify security and ease of use of NFT transactions via a simple UX platform. 

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