Trump-Backed Super PAC Targets DeSantis With TV Ad

A Republican-backed TV commercial campaign is targeting Florida Governor and potential Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, backed by Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Super PAC.

An estimated $390,659 of national TV advertising, according to, has been spent so far by the political action committee since March 31 -- with 119 commercial airings through April 6, amounting to 103.9 million impressions.

The campaign has been largely on Fox News Channel (an estimated $328,610) with $47,573 worth of TV spots on CNN and $14,476 on Newsmax TV.

On Fox News Channel, the bulk of the effort was placed on “Fox and Friends” and “The Five.”

The spot -- called “Think You Know Ron DeSantis” -- talks about how he has backed “deep cuts to social security and medicare” and says that when he was in Congress, DeSantis voted to raise the retirement age to 70. The bottom-line message, according to a voiceover, is that DeSantis “doesn’t share our values” and that “he is just not ready to be President.”



The Trump MAGA Inc. Super PAC started up in September 2022, and analysts say could it be the main campaign marketing vehicle for Trump’s run for President in 2024.

In late March, a Monmouth University survey shows Trump being favored at 41%, with DeSantis at 27% for Republican nominee for President in the 2024 Presidential race.

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