Inbox Update: Behold The Constant Variety Of TV

Today, the lead item in this TV Blog was determined by the available photos.

The blog is a look at the wide variety of program announcements that pass before the eyes of your TV blogger in a given week.

The chimp photo comes courtesy of Netflix for “Chimp Empire” -- the first show to come up in this cavalcade of disparate entertainments announced recently and coming soon to a television near you.

The photo was the determining factor because, let’s face it -- who doesn’t love a picture of cute chimps? 

“Chimp Empire” is a four-part documentary series that gets up close and personal with what Netflix describes as the largest chimp community in the world.



Located deep in Uganda’s Ngogo Forest, this society of great apes has been intensively studied and observed by scientists and naturalists for 25 years. The show starts streaming April 19.

“Chimp Empire” represents the first TV chimp series since the unforgettable autumn of 2020 when two appeared within a few weeks of each other -- “Meet the Chimps” on Disney+ and “Baby Chimp Rescue” on BBC America. Welcome back, chimps.

The photo possibilities for some of the other recently announced shows were unfortunately threadbare. But the shows are still worth noting here.

One of them demonstrates that where the Kardashians are concerned, the possibilities are apparently endless.

The newest star in the Kardashian universe is a show coming to Hulu called “’Til Death Do Us Part Kourtney and Travis,” which looks to be a one-off showcasing the fabulous wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

“Kourtney, Travis, and their guests enjoy a luxurious wedding weekend in Portofino, Italy,” said the email from Hulu. “Private and personal footage reveal an intimate family event full of beautiful moments.”

When considering this show just now for this TV Blog, I had this sudden realization: I haven’t the faintest idea who Travis Barker is. The show drops Thursday on Hulu. 

I do know who David Bowie is, or was, however. He is the subject of a documentary coming to HBO and HBO Max on April 29.

The documentary is called “Moonage Daydream,” and HBO said in a press release that it took four years to make and is based on a ton of archival, personal material Bowie left behind.

The photo for this one ran a close second as the choice for this TV Blog. It was a very psychedelic image of Bowie that was not a bad photo at all. But, I ask for the second time, who doesn’t love a picture of cute chimps? 

Elsewhere in the TV Blog inbox came word from TLC that another series about offbeat romance is coming soon called “Match Me Abroad.”

Premiering May 14, this show will have professional matchmakers based in countries overseas attempting to pair diverse single Americans with partners in foreign countries.

One example is 25-year-old Nathaly, who lives with her Sri Lankan mother in California and hopes to find love in Colombia.

Another is Harold, 41, who just moved out of his parents’ home in New Mexico and has now hired a Prague-based matchmaker to find him a partner in the Czech Republic. It’s like a mail-order bride joke: The Czech is in the mail.

The press release from TLC was great, but it came with no usable photos, unfortunately.

Last but definitely not least, the ever-fertile “Star Trek” universe is soon to give birth to “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.”

This announcement came from Paramount+, currently the home of five “Star Trek” shows. In this sixth one, the focus is on a class of young space cadets in the prime of life embarking on new adventures.

“They will discover what it takes to become Starfleet officers as they navigate blossoming friendships, explosive rivalries, first loves and a new enemy that threatens both the Academy and the Federation itself,” said a Paramount press release.

Alas, no photos were available for this show either, likely because production is not set to begin until next year.

The purpose of the press release was to announce that the show already has a full season order even though it seems to exist only on paper.

However, with the words “Star Trek” in its title, there is almost no way that Paramount+ can lose with “Starfleet Academy.” 

You know what would even be a bigger hit? “Star Trek: Chimp Empire,” because who doesn’t love a photo of cute chimps in space suits?

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