Coachella Music Festival Expands Fortnite Partnership With Virtual Island

After collaborating with Epic Games’ virtual sandbox game "Fortnite" in 2022, Coachella is moving beyond themed fashion item drops and in-game music from artists on the festival lineup to launch its own Fortnite world, Coachella Island.

Starting on Friday at 3 PM PST -- in tandem with the first day of the popular arts and music festival –– "Fortnite" players will be able to enter a virtual rendering of the Indio, California desert experience, including mountains, polo fields, palm trees and day to night cycles.

Built by developers at Alliance Studios, Coachella Island features an “Art Park” where the "Fortnite" community creators will display three new art installations alongside the festival’s most notable works like Spectra, the ferris wheel, and balloon chains, as well as a gallery of “Fortography.”

The Art Park will also showcase two new reimagined installations found at this year’s festival, created by LA-based artist Maggie West and cyber physical architect Güvenç Özel. In Coachella’s quest to blend gaming, music and virtual experiences, "Fortnite" players can take part “artistic adventures” like speedrun and team vs. team minigames that involve parkour and dancing.

“The future of in-game music and art experiences should not mimic the real-world, but reimagine the magic and make it more accessible via a new medium,” says Sam Schoonover, innovation lead for Coachella. “Just like the festival IRL is a stage for musicians, Coachella Island is now a canvas for gaming creators.”

Schoonover adds that through Fortnite, creators and fans are provided the tools needed to participate in a creative process.

In addition to the Art Park, Coachella Island includes a Merch Tent where performer Porter Robinson will be playing music and "Fortnite" users can purchase 2023 Coachella-inspired outfits and in-game items.

Building off last year's Fortnite merch drops, in the Fortnite Item Shop, players can purchase two new outfits –– “Sunset Alto” and “Desert Dawn Lyric” –– Coachella says are inspired by the festival’s “desert skies and palm tree vibes.” Both looks include matching accessories and music-reactive elements.

All items will be available to purchase at 8pm on the Thursday before the festival opens. Like last year, "Fortnite" players can also tune into Icon Radio which will be playing music from artists on the 2023 Coachella lineup.

Two weeks ago, Coachella renewed and expanded its decade=long partnership with YouTube, with plans to livestream the festival through 2026, doubling its free live coverage by broadcasting all six stages during both concert weekends.

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