Reddit Creates Amsterdam Hub For Engineering, Sales, Part Of EMEA Expansion

Susanne Mostertman, Reddit EMEA head of mid-market and small business, will lead the Amsterdam “Hub.” There she will consolidate the EMEA business into a central base to support a range of clients across Europe.

The Hub will be home to more than 50 employees across 10 countries who have experience working in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish and other European languages. The goal is to build a sales presence in Amsterdam and a growing EMEA Ads Engineering team. The plan to “significantly” grow both teams by the end of 2023. 

Reddit began serving Europe nearly three years ago, but several of its global executives call the country home, including Mostertman, CRO Harold Klaje, and Vice President of Ads Engineering Roelof Van Zwol.

The city of Amsterdam sits in the center of the European market, serving as the headquarters for many companies and host to a strong talent pool. Amsterdam also provides a central location to service a range of clients from multiple locations across the region.



Reddit has experiences significant international growth and engagement on the platform across Germany, France, and Northern Europe, as well as some large advertisers like Warner Bros., Google, and remarkable.

Klarna, based in Stockholm, Sweden, partnered with Reddit in the region to launch its BIFL, “Buy it For Life” list of 2023, honoring the most popular durable items in r/BuyItForLife in celebration of Earth week.

Backmarket, based in Paris, France, also works with Reddit in the region, along with Technology refurbishment brand Back Market works to reach consumers interested in technology and second-hand products with topical headline copy and ad creative developed in partnership with Reddit’s KarmaLab Creative Strategy team. 



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