Current Global's Big Plan For Earth Week: Nothing


While many brands and agencies are making big plans to show off their sustainability creds this Earth Day (and Week) IPG agency Current Global is taking a different route and doing nothing. 

And that the agency says, is the more sustainable path to take given all the energy that goes into most campaigns. 



It did manage to promote its non-plan to the press and on social media before the arrival of Earth Day on Saturday (April 22). 

“Lots of agencies and marketers around the world will create a social media post to honor Earth Day this Saturday,” the company stated.  “But believe it or not, that simple act actually does more harm to the Earth.” 

It cited calculations that using popular social platforms for just two-and-a-half hours a day uses the same amount of energy it takes to drive a car 1.2 miles, or 438 miles annually. 

“So, we think the best thing to do is nothing.” 

In a sense the agency is doing less than nothing as it is foregoing social media for the entirety of Earth Week—no posts, shared videos or participating in social conversations.  

The agency said it hopes other brands and agencies follow suit. 

“It is a small step that we can take, and we also hope it draws attention to the importance of being good stewards to the place that we all call home: Earth.” 


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