TikTok Tests New AI-Generated Profile Pictures

TikTok is testing a generative AI tool in select markets that creates up to 30 user avatars per day, according to social media expert Matt Navarra's recent Twitter thread.

Navarra tweeted that users are asked to upload between three and 10 photos of themselves. Then, users will pick up to five styles for the tool to follow when generating 30 distinct avatars. The tool allows users to engage the tool once every day.

“It takes a couple minutes to generate your avatars,” Navarra noted.

Users then have the option to share any of the AI-generated avatars via their TikTok story, or upload one as their profile avatar.

“In a few select regions, we’re experimenting with a new way to create and share profile pictures with the TikTok community,” said TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer, who added that the company is attempting to provide further value to its community in ways that drive culture and entertains its user base.

Reports have compared the new tool to Prisma Labs’ Lensa, a paid app that gained widespread popularity last winter for its ability to create fantastic versions of its users. However, TikTok’s scrolling experience and massive user base may provide a way for more people to see more AI-made avatars.

TikTok says that uploaded photos in violation with its Community guidelines, which will be moderated by the app’s content moderation systems, will not be used to create avatars. In general, TikTok will also delete all photos that users upload after a short period of time.

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