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Snort. Snuffle. Toss. New Casper Ads Are Here For All Your Nocturnal Moves

Called “For the love of sleep,” the new campaign highlights the company’s determination to engineer the best possible mattress.

Sure, a good night’s sleep makes the next day better. But Casper hopes its new marketing platform will help people enjoy the delicious act of sleep itself.

The company aims to help build brand awareness, separating itself from the dozens of other mattress companies clamoring for people’s attention.

“This campaign conveys a powerful message that everyone should love and prioritize getting their best, deepest sleep in all of its glory,” says Melissa Colleluori, Casper’s vice president of brand and creative. That includes “snoring, sleep talking, and even blanket-stealing. It’s a love letter to sleep itself.”



In an email to Marketing Daily, she says the intention is to build on the company's reputation for mattress innovation. Ads take viewers inside Casper Labs “to demonstrate the science and engineering that makes our mattresses so easy to love.”

Ads are running on TV, digital, social and out-of-home. VaynerMedia worked with Casper’s in-house creative team to create the campaign.

Colleluori says Casper’s target customer is “anyone who sleeps, but mostly those who care deeply about getting their best sleep.”

She hopes the campaign will reach loyal customers, who already like that the mattresses keep them cooler than other brands, and those rethinking their relationship with sleep.

Casper, based in New York, has become something of a poster child for the D2C universe’s current troubles. For years, fans praised the brand for the way it extended its product reach beyond mattresses, dove into experiential retail and disrupted a dysfunctional category.

But high customer acquisition costs and elusive profits proved challenging. After an ill-fated public offering, private investors took the company private in late 2021 for a quarter of its former value.

And consumers continue to blur the edges between D2C and IRL shopping preferences.

“It’s important that we meet customers based on their preferences,” Colleluori says. “It’s crucial for us to understand our customers and the ever-changing ways they receive information, research, and make purchases. 

"Most of our customers who visit us in-store discover us through online research. We put a lot of focus on ensuring they’re getting a consistent Casper shopping experience -- joyful, stress-free, and supported by deep knowledge and expertise -- everywhere they go.”

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