Kona Brewing Co. Is Now Kona Big Wave

Goodbye Kona Brewing Co., aloha Kona Big Wave, which is the new name of the Hawaii-founded lager beer brand. The name change is part of a brand overhaul designed to increase sales by positioning the brew as a “premium lifestyle brand.” 

In fact, the beer (now part of Anheuser-Busch) is already giving imports like Corona and Modelo a run for the money in 2023 sales, according to the company.  

A new ad campaign, “Bring the Aloha,” from the brand’s long-time agency Duncan Channon is breaking to promote the brand makeover. Shot in Oahu, it includes ads that showcase the new logo, refreshed packaging design and identity “firmly rooted in Hawaii’s aloha spirit.”  



The laid back “Bruddahs,” long a staple of the brand’s advertising, are not part of the new campaign but, “they remain an integral part of the spirit of Kona,” according to a spokesperson.  

The new ads, the spokesperson added, are designed to “reflect the true vibrant spirit of the Hawaiian islands.” 

“Kona Big Wave has always been beloved for its authentic connection to the Hawaiian lifestyle and its easy-drinking, island-inspired taste,” said Meredith Ruskin, the brand’s VP of Marketing. “Now, with a modernized brand look and a new campaign that celebrates and shares stories of the Aloha spirit, we will be able to ‘Bring the Aloha’ to even more fans around the country.”   

Sample the new work here and here.  


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